Calm Body Modification

I’ve been around the world many times, met thousands of people, but Sweden is like a second home even though I haven’t been back in quite awhile. If you really know me you’ll know I fall out of touch because of my poor at best communication skills due to my internal battles and lack of motivation, but hey I’m getting better at it!


Chai I can say is one of my best friends, he invited me to Sweden years ago to watch eurovision and I went, had the time of my life even though I slept through most of it. Countless amazing memories and travels together with him and his Fiance JP who I consider my big sister. The drunken nights filled with 16 cheeseburgers, an entire week of never ending paskmust, and experiencing my first Yule couldn’t have been spent with better people. We’ve both learned a lot from each other and I look up to him as a person, friend and as an artist. I strongly urge you to give him a follow on instagram by clicking here. Miss you brother, hope to be back in Sweden soon.

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