I arrived home today, the trip went great but I have been deprived of much needed rest. I will be booking appointments here until the 20th then I will be taking a much needed break away from work for my sanity. I'll also be working on getting everything up here updated and in working order [...]


I'm currently in Florida, I leave here today (Sunday) to head to Atlanta. I have availability there Monday and Tuesday then off to Ann Arbor. For anything information or to schedule in with me please email me at modificationbychase@gmail.com with your the location as the subject.

Under Construction

I have finally decided to merge over to wordpress as my host instead of tumblr. WordPress offers a much better platform for me, I'm sure it won't be an overnight upgrade but I'm hoping to have everything together soon. It will be nice to actually have  a good integrated blog and features that you don't [...]